Tuesday, August 17, 2010

easy like a sunday morning

Blouses that act like dresses are the ultimate bang for your buck. When on a cooler day, I might have worn this with skinny jeans and heals, here I am passing it off like a summer frock in 112 degree weather.

The teal embroidered pattern on the kimono style makes this blouse/dress hybrid an obvious wardrobe favorite. The embellished trim and tie waist are adorable bonuses.

The combination of teal and yellow is a color formula I go back to time and time again. Notice how they play off of each other in this number? They were meant to go together!

Friday, August 13, 2010

union station

Right across from Olvera Street is an equally historic part of Downtown LA - Union Station. The architecture is one of its most noteworthy characteristics, but the view inside and the gorgeous details in the travertine tiles, the decorative ceiling, and the balanced sight lines will keep any art/architecture enthusiast drooling.

These particular travertine tiles are like candy for my aesthetic and drive me crazy, they're so pretty!

Union Station seemed the obvious backdrop for a look that is downright retro and feminine. In the archives of Hollywood, Union Station finds itself in the original "Italian Job" and my favorite cult classic, "Blade Runner."

Image from Blade Runner Movie

Versatility is this blazer's middle name and is undeniably a universal wardrobe staple that I wear across the seasons. The camel color and puffy sleeves are to die for.

In this look, the blazer blends effortlessly with the white dress and an extra-wide caramel colored belt, a palette that is increasingly a go-to color combination for the summer. A saffron yellow petticoat peeks from underneath and gives the effect of a voluminous skirt. Subtle, but visually interesting.

The belt's details are satisfyingly edgy and understated.