Monday, July 12, 2010

olvera street

It's hard to imagine LA without the unforgiving traffic, its many disparate neighborhoods, and the millions of Los Angelenos who call it home. But every city has its humble beginnings and LA has it in Olvera Street. On a southeast corner in the heart of downtown is a relic of the city's colonial past and today's gateway to authentic Mexican eateries, shops replete with surprises, and a Dia de los Muertos event that will bring the dead to life!

My buddy, Jennifer, and I spent a warm Saturday afternoon in Olvera Street talking up a storm per our usual, eating churros like there was no tomorrow, and buying puebla dresses (my version of styling it to come!).

Shopping tip #1: While Olvera Street will keep you buying one serendipitous discovery after another, the merchants generally accept cash only. Buyers beware as you'll want to avoid the frustration that comes with scavenging for an ATM.

This vintage dress has the perfect ladylike shape for Jennifer and the muted yellow color is just as nostalgic. I see this dress and I think lemonade stands staffed by little ones selling drinks for $.25.

The eyelit details along the neckline and waist are both playful and utterly timeless.

Jennifer's wedges are possibly the most ideal sandal for summer: comfortable for strolling but noticeably original with a textured woven fabric lining the sides of the heel. Que cute!

Shopping tip #2: The merchants at Olvera Street tend to have many of the same things. It's worth walking through the entire strip, which is barely the length of a street block, to reconnoiter the stalls and identify items you may be inclined to buy. There's the potential of scoring a great deal or two here, so patience is key.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

discovering the unexpected

The eye catching color and feminine shape in this dress capture the combination I'm craving for right now. The unexpected bold pattern is spontaneous and punchy. That this would remind me of Psychology 101 and a lesson on rorschach inkblots is an extra bonus. I see glaciers in the skirt of my dress. What do you see? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Rule of Thumb #6: Think outside the box. Limiting your scope can otherwise stifle your fashion potential. Case in point: this so-called dress is actually a nightgown!

A classic white button down is a standard for anyone's wardrobe. Combined with this dress, an otherwise preppy staple is fancied-up and unabashedly fun, playing off of the pattern and color contrasts in the overall look. Tied around the waist is the ideal final touch.