Monday, June 21, 2010

baxter street

San Francisco isn't the the only city in California with the steepest streets. Located east of the Silverlake reservoir in one of the older subdivisions of the neighborhood, Baxter Street climbs a 32% grade and has so since 1884. It privileges one of the best sight lines of the water. I used to live a block away and still miss watching the sunset from this street. For more on Baxter and other steep streets in LA, read this LA Times article.

Cropped blazers continue to be the "it" jacket for my wardrobe. Paired with long or longish dresses, they elongate an otherwise short frame. I'm 5' tall, so I need all the help I can get!

Opposites attract in this ensemble that mixes a gypsy dress with a military inspired blazer. The delicate and flowy fabric act as a counterpoint to the jacket's tailored structure.

Rule of thumb #4: Experiment with hard and soft pieces to create a look that is balanced by unpredictable pairings.

The folded detailing and buttons in this version of a shrunken blazer are adapted from 18th century military uniforms and make for a cohesive look when highlighted by a long necklace. The secret is mirroring the lines in the jacket with those of the necklace.

Rule of thumb #5: Styling is seeing. Creating a subtle pattern of lines can harmonize a look of disparate pieces. If you identify the direction and orientation of lines in your look, you can determine the effect they would have in leading a viewer's eyes.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dress to Inspire

Did I mention what a nerd I am about fashion? Join me on Sunday, June 20th from 2-4 p.m. at the Getty Villa for my gallery course on ancient jewelry, Dress to Inspire.

the music box steps

LA is full of old Hollywood allusions. The Music Box Steps in Silverlake was once the background of a scene in Laurel and Hardy's "The Big Parade." I've always thought how awesome it would be to live along the steps, but reality sets in when I imagine schlepping groceries up the stairs.

*picture from

I'm huge on graphic patterns and this skirt within a skirt is such an inventive play of vibrant colors. A black belt and wedges anchor this easy summer look with a little bit of whimsy in a canary yellow necklace.


Silverlake is easily one of my favorite neighborhoods in LA. This area of Sunset Blvd used to be a sketchy part of town, but today boasts trendy boutiques, a range of food offerings, a Farmer's Market on Saturdays, and an annual music festival in the summer.

I'm a consummate fashion geek and I live by style formulas. Rule of thumb #1: A pulled together look can come from the simplest combination. Never underestimate the color pairing of shoes and a blazer.

Ryan - husband and photographer - and I have been jonesing for Pazzo Gelato (corner of Sunset and Hyperion) for some time now. We still haven't found an even decent substitute in Santa Monica. Can you tell how much I'm loving my fig almond gelato?

Rule of thumb #2: When buying jewelry, duality is key. Pick pieces that can both stand alone and harmonize an outfit.

This necklace caught my eye because the double knotted motif is a throw back from ancient Mediterranean times. Jewelry had amuletic properties and the double knot, known as a Hercules knot, was believed to dispel evil and harm from the wearer.

Rule of thumb #3: Play with unexpected color combinations.

This grape purse pops against a predominantly neutral outfit as I get crazy riding a motorcycle side saddle for $.25. Vroooom vrooooomm.....

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Welcome to "My Style Magician", a blog by Eidelriz. I'm excited to have you! Take a seat, enjoy an adult beverage, and hang out as we explore the intersections of style and the LA experience. Woopee!!