Saturday, June 19, 2010


Silverlake is easily one of my favorite neighborhoods in LA. This area of Sunset Blvd used to be a sketchy part of town, but today boasts trendy boutiques, a range of food offerings, a Farmer's Market on Saturdays, and an annual music festival in the summer.

I'm a consummate fashion geek and I live by style formulas. Rule of thumb #1: A pulled together look can come from the simplest combination. Never underestimate the color pairing of shoes and a blazer.

Ryan - husband and photographer - and I have been jonesing for Pazzo Gelato (corner of Sunset and Hyperion) for some time now. We still haven't found an even decent substitute in Santa Monica. Can you tell how much I'm loving my fig almond gelato?

Rule of thumb #2: When buying jewelry, duality is key. Pick pieces that can both stand alone and harmonize an outfit.

This necklace caught my eye because the double knotted motif is a throw back from ancient Mediterranean times. Jewelry had amuletic properties and the double knot, known as a Hercules knot, was believed to dispel evil and harm from the wearer.

Rule of thumb #3: Play with unexpected color combinations.

This grape purse pops against a predominantly neutral outfit as I get crazy riding a motorcycle side saddle for $.25. Vroooom vrooooomm.....

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  1. REALLY love your necklace here! Just gorgeous!